PWR-10-0ME1 Accessories & Options

PWR-10-0ME1 Accessories & Options

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TX-0010- Replaces the standard 2-inch ball hitch with a 2-inch trailer hitch with pin-style fastener trailer coupler and hinged ball socket; for AW-9000-0010 trailer package

TX-0019- Replaces the standard 2-inch ball hitch with an 3-inch integrated lunette ring for use with pintle hitches; for AW-9000-0010 trailer package

WX-0106- Includes two flat-free tires, powder coated steel frame and handle

WX-0108- Uses 10-micron bag #19-0249

WX-0109- Uses 10-micron bag #19-0249 and 50-micron bag #19-0267

WX-0129- Dual filters for PWR-10-0ME1 trailer-mount package