Portable Water Recovery

Portable Water Recovery

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The Portable Water Recover Series is the ideal tool for remote cleaning applications. The compact design makes it an easy addition to trailer packages. The PWR Series allows for wash water to be reclaimed on the job site. Water is reclaimed by using the 20-foot water berm (included) to stop water from flowing down a drain or away from your area. The suction head draws wash water into a holding chamber where a second pump forces the water through an optional 10-micron bag filter before returning it to a holding tank for reuse, or proper disposal. 

Systems Includes:

1/3 HP transfer pump

Oil absorbing boom/sock

Vacum tank drain

3-stage vacuum motor 

Stainless-steel suction head

Cam lock fittings

50-foot vacuum hose

55-gallon capacity

20-foot water berm 

PWR-10-0ME1 shown with standard accessories: oil absorbing boom, 33-0529; stainless-steel suction head, 21-0306; 50-ft. vacuum hose; and 20-ft. water berm, 33-0520; also shown with wheel kit option; WX-0106 and dual filters option, WX-0109