30-Gallon Two Stage Diesel- ABS-9KD-30H

30-Gallon Two Stage Diesel- ABS-9KD-30H

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This diesel-powered machine supplies consistent air flow required for commercial and industrial applications. It is designed for optimum performance and productivity and features a large-capacity ASME coded tank.

Compressor Pump: Splash lubricated · Stainless-steel braided discharge hose · Large canister intake filter · Oil level sight indicator

Engine: Electric start - battery, box and cables not included · Glow plug equipped engine for easy starting in cold temperatures

Frame: Powder coated ASME coded 30-gallon receiver tank · 3/16-inch base plate to reduce vibration · 16 gauge powder coated two-piece belt guard · Removable base plate offers flexible installation

Components: Regulator and two gauges for tank and outlet pressure · ASME safety valves · Tank drain valve

Equipped with 150-PSI maximum rated regulator.