Pressure Washer Tips

Pressure Washing

Here are a few maintenance tips for your pressure washer that could save you money:

  • Always make sure when using the washer to keep the trigger gun open and do not open and close the trigger repeatedly. This causes premature wear of the unloader.
  • Make sure and check your nozzle. Surprisingly it is most often the least expensive and easiest way to get your pressure up. Make sure and use the right one for your specific washer or you can do damage to the pump.
  • Cool it down. I know that this is repeated often but it's worth repeating. Not cooling the washer down before turning it off expands the coil and can cause premature failure over time. It also cause premature wear ion the pump seals and packings. 
  • Use a downstream injector on your washer. Do not run soap through the coil and pump. Soap salesman love to tell you it's the best way; it is for them. We also get more repairs. Use soap downstream of the washer. It is a $50.00 item that can save you a lot of money. 

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