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Take Control of the Situation

The next time a severe storm rolls through the area, don't be left in the dark, without the ability to cook, heat water, do laundry, or keep your family happily occupied. Instead, be prepared with the purchase and installation of a cost-effective residential generator from the knowledgeable professionals at Clean Rite Equipment & Environmental. No longer will you and your family be uncomfortable and bored during power outages. Our line of residential generators power on automatically in the event of an outage, and operate quietly and dependable for days, some models even operate, uninterrupted for weeks. If you prefer, we can elevate the equipment above flood lines. Another notable advantage to installing a generator for home use is that in the event of an electrical power outage your home's security system will remain functional, keeping your family and property safe and sound.


The next time your neighborhood loses power during a thunderstorm, tropical storm, or hurricane, don't let another outage inconvenience you and your loved ones. Call on Clean Rite Equipment & Environmental and let us help you choose a residential generator that will meet all of your emergency power needs.

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